Sage ERP - Email and Fax Solutions

Sage ERP All Versions All Platforms! Batch fax and batch email Invoices, Statements, Quotes, Orders, PO's, EFT Remittances, and Direct Deposit Notices from Sage ERP.

Liaison Messenger EDD integrates seamlessly into your Sage ERP Print Management System. Make the transition from pulp to pixel for a true digital workflow experience using our proprietary Virtual Printer Driver and the most advanced Workflow Automation Server available for Sage ERP.

Simply print your forms and reports to the Liaison Messenger EDD printer driver. The output is captured, routed and processed by the Messenger EDD Server. Email, fax, print, archive, FTP, attach, distribute forms, reports, files automatically using the email addresses, fax numbers, and addressing information for the respective customers, vendors, and employees found in your Sage ERP system.

If you can print it, you can EDD it...

Powerful and scalable; Liaison Messenger EDD runs on every Microsoft Windows Server including 2012. It can be run as an easily accessible server console application or as a Windows Service using our built-in Extended SMTP Server

Workflow Automation Features: Faxing, Emailing, File Attachments, and Print Routing from Sage ERP

Faxing: Messenger EDD can fax invoices, purchase orders, quotes, international custom's documents or any other form grouped by the customer or vendor's fax number for single-dialing Fax Transmittal.

Emailing: Let's say you process multiple invoices for the same customers, Liaison Messenger EDD can combine them into a single PDF and email it, or combine the invoices into a single email but attached as individual invoices, or simply send one invoice per email. You set the rules and Liaison Messenger delivers.

Simple Attachments: One of the strongest features you will only find in Liaison Messenger EDD are rules-driven file attachments.  Let's use the Sage ERP Customer Statements as an example. Liaison Messenger EDD automatically attaches all current and outstanding invoices listed on the AR statement and includes them for the customer. Just print your Account Statements to the Liaison Messenger EDD printer driver and the Messenger EDD server bursts, attaches, and emails, faxes, and/or prints and then delivers assembled the account statements.

Variable Attachments: Liaison Messenger EDD also allows you to create unique attachment rules for any document even using Wildcard Naming rules. Let's say you need to include MSDS sheets with invoices, or packing slips. Maybe credit applications with new customer letters. Perhaps QA results with shop floor travelers, Liaison Messenger EDD can deliver it.

Print Routing: Simultaneously print to multiple printers, batch email, batch fax and automatically archive every business form and report from Sage ERP. You can set a rules-based policy for every type of document, for each recipient, to any location. The system users just print, Liaison Messenger EDD remembers the settings and distributes every document quickly, flawlessly, and securely.

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Feature set for all Sage ERP Systems Liaison Messenger EDD Sage 300 ERP (AccPac) Sage 100  ERP (MAS 90/200) Sage 500 ERP (MAS 500) Sage X3 Sage PFW/Pro
Uses your existing/modified Crystal Reports Templates P P P P P P
Print, Email, Fax, Archive, Ftp from Standard Print Procedures P P
Automated Document Attachments: i.e.; MSDS to Invoices, 401K Forms to Direct Deposit Stubs, Product Install Sheets to Orders P          
Intelligent AR Statements: Auto-attach Past Due Invoices P          
Individual Emailing of Business Forms, Checks & Reports P P P P P
Batch Emailing of Business Business Forms, Checks & Reports P   P      
128-bit Password Protection on any Emailed or Archived Document P          
Password Management for all Internal and External Recipients P          
Individual Faxing of Business Forms, Checks & Reports P P P P P
Batch Faxing of Business Forms, Checks & Reports P   P      
Print to Multiple Printers Simultaneously P   P      
Print from specific Paper-Trays for unique collation/bursting P       P
Archiving of all Business Forms, Checks, and Reports  P   P      
Archive File Formats/Conversions: PDF, XLS,DOC,TIF,RTF,SDF P   P      
User-Definable Archived File Naming Conventions P          
Data-Driven Conditional User-Defined Routing P          
Auto-update employee Outlook Calendars; i.e.  Quotation Follow-ups for Salespeople, Collection Calls for A/R Dept, etc P          
Custom Marginal Words by Copy without Template Modification P   P      
On-the-fly document Format Conversion by Recipient P          
Publish Files, Business Forms, Reports to FTP sites P          
Unattended Crystal Report Scheduler for System & Custom Reports P        
Insert SQL Procedures into standard Print Procedures P        
Execute external or 3rd Party programs or routines from standard Print Procedures P