Liaison Development Timeline
April 15th, 1993, Liaison CRM was released. Our CRM was the first Contact Management System which provided a Microsoft Window Client and DOS Client that could simultaneously access a single data source from  Microsoft Windows client and a DOS workstation.

On March 6th, 2000 the first Liaison Messenger FORM system was purchased. At that time, the term EDD wasn’t exactly main stream. In fact, most people wouldn’t even have known what EDD meant.

Liaison Messenger’s emergence into the mid-market accounting field to automate the delivery of invoices, statements,  purchase orders,  acknowledgments  via fax and email was  leading edge technology. Liaison Messenger set the first bar.   Since then the industry has seen a plethora of email and fax solutions and other Outbound Document Management Systems clawing for a piece of the pie.

Today, Liaison Software Corporation raises our own 12 year-old bar to new heights with our latest
Outbound Document Management scripting tool and server: Liaison Messenger EDD.  This next-generation solution allows you to create amazing, powerful, and wonderfully rich Outbound Document Management automation routines for any sized company, department, and running any system.   

Liaison Messenger EDD/i-PDF/EFT/DD

3.0 Highlighted Features
Major feature that allows processing of any document creation tool, report generator, or systems with non-modifiable reports/forms;
   a) Digital Character Recognition, XY coordinate mapping (eliminates template modifications)
   b) Overlay Token Identifiers; (added for legacy based report writers)
Added Installation Script/Recipient wizards for Sage 50 (aka Business Vision)

2.0 Highlighted Features
Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV installation wizards
Updated 64bit Messenger Printer Driver
Insert Tasks, Follow-ups, Delegation into Microsoft Outlook Calendars
Hyperlink Email Shortcuts for Hosted Documents
Dynamic Email Subject and Text
Enhanced SQL Pass-through commands by Ply

Liaison Messenger EDD 1.0  (Initial Release)


Liaison Messenger i-PDF 1.0 (Initial Release)

Liaison Messenger EDD 2.0 (New Version)
Liaison Messenger i-PDF 2.0

Liaison Messenger EDD 3.0 (New Version)
Liaison Messenger i-PDF 3.0

Liaison Messenger FORM

4.0 Highlighted Features
64 bit Server/Client Support
SQL Server 2005/2008 Certification
Windows Server 2008 Certification
Windows Vista Certification
New Messenger Client interface
New Messenger Server interface
Text Messaging/SMS Capabilities
Broader Fax Server Integrations
Broader Client Email Integrations
Custom Printer Port Assignments for Terminal Service/Cytrix installs

3.0 Highlighted Features
Multiple Recipients per Document per Ship-tp/Bill-To
User-Defined Indices and Sorts by Ply
User-Defined Form Sizes from Print Driver Attributes
Optimized SQL Views for faster processing
Real-Time Printer Error Handling
Add Variable-Named Files as Attachments Emails
Add Static File as Attachments to Emails
Added more Print to Disk File Format options

2.0 Highlighted Features
Combined Liaison Messenger and Collector
Auto-Add Recipients
Archive Manager
Bills-Of-Lading and Shipping Documents for PFW
Auto-Routing of Salespeople, Territories, and Locations
Liaison CRM (Integration)
International Dialing Fax Rules
Desktop Emailing/Faxing for Reprints

Liaison Messenger 1.0 (Initial Release)
Liaison Collector 1.0
Platinum for Windows by Sage Software

Liaison Messenger 1.5 (Maintenance Release)
Liaison Collector 1.5

Platinum for Windows by Best Software
BatchMaster by Best Software (New Integration)

Liaison Messenger 2.0 (New Version)
Platinum for Windows by Best Software
BatchMaster by Best Software

Liaison Messenger 2.1 (Maintenance Release; Sage)
Sage PFW
BatchMaster by Sage Software

Liaison Messenger 2.5 (Mid-Version Release)
Microsoft Dynamics GP, eEnterprise (New Integration)

Liaison Messenger 3.0 (New Version)
Sage PFW
BatchMaster by Sage Software
Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics SL (New Integration)

Liaison Messenger 3.0 (a-b) (Mid-Version Release)
Liaison Messenger EFT
Liaison Messenger DD

Liaison Messenger 3.0 (c) (Mid-Version Release)
Sage MAS*90 (New Integration)
Sage MAS*200 (New Integration)

Liaison Messenger 3.0 (d) (Maintenance Release)
Sage MAS*90 (New Integration)
Sage MAS*200 (New Integration)

Liaison Messenger 4.0 (New Version/Major Rewrite)
Sage PFW/BatchMaster
Sage MAS*90
Sage MAS*200

Liaison Messenger 4.0 (Update Version)
Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics SL
Liaison Messenger EFT

Liaison Messenger EFT 1.0/3.0 (Initial Release)
Microsoft Dynamics GP

Liaison Messenger EFT 4.0 (Update Version)
Microsoft Dynamics GP
Liaison Messenger DD

Liaison Messenger DD 1.0/3.0 (Initial Release)
Microsoft Dynamics GP

Liaison Messenger EFT 4.0 (Update Version)
Microsoft Dynamics GP
Liaison CRM/Liaison Unispan

6.0 Highlighted Features
Redesigned Interface
Lead Opportunity Management Upgrade
Enhanced PFW Functionality
Native Pervasive DB Processing

5.0 Highlighted Features
File Attachments to Company Records
Archive Manager through Liaison Messenger
Recreate Invoices, Sales Orders, PO’s through Liaison Messenger
Liaison Messenger Integration
Opportunity Management/Lead Tracking
Redesigned Desktop w/ Tabbed Interface
Retrievable History
Messenger Client accessible in Messenger Server
Desktop Emailing and Faxing from Messenger Client Recreate
True 32-Bit Architecture
Compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT, and 2000.

Liaison 1.0 DOS (Initial Release)

Liaison 2.0 Windows/DOS (Initial Release)

Liaison CRM 3.0 (New Version)
Platinum for Windows by Epicor (New Integration)

Liaison CRM 5.0
Liaison Messenger (New Integration)
Sage PFW (Version Compatibility)

Liaison CRM/Unispan 5.1
Sage PFW (Version Compatibility)

Liaison CRM/Unispan 5.2
Sage PFW (Version Compatibility)

Liaison CRM/Unispan 5.4
Sage PFW (Version Compatibility)

Liaison CRM/Unispan 5.6
Sage PFW (Version Compatibility)

Liaison CRM/Unipsan 6.0
Liaison Messenger (Version Compatibility)
Sage PFW (Version Compatibility)