Liaison Messenger EDD w/PLUS

Extend with custom SQL Procedures, SSRS management, an automated Crystal Report Server etc...

Just for a moment, let’s stop thinking about the automation of forms, reports, files, email, and faxing. Let’s think about us for a moment. The so-called geeks. Us techy-folks, locked in the back whose job is simply to deliver the dream to those that ask for the impossible. “Yes, they also made me write this page…"

Imagine being able to create automation scripts that weave stored SQL Procedures, with a SQL Reporting Services or ad-hoc Crystal Reports.
Maybe schedule nightly jobs that perform auto-aging routines and automatically pass a set of defined arguments  to a custom Crystal Report that creates AR Statements.

Perhaps you need to daisy chain a series of stored procedures and custom reports during standard invoice printing from the accounting system. Or weekly scripts to perform file management, and maybe ftp archives to off-site servers. Check out the script below, get your motor running, and take your genius beyond infinity…

If you can print it, you can EDD it. Plus some more...

Key Features and Benefits

As you can probably tell right now, Liaison Messenger EDD is different, innovative, and was developed with a vision. For the reseller or integrator, Messenger EDD PLUS is a tool that knows no limit.. How much or how far, do you or your client wish to automate? What kind of solutions could you deliver that might bring everyone to the next level.  From accounting to manufacturing, sales to human resources, workflow automation can benefit everyone.

Putting the PLUS option
into the hands of professional problem-solvers is like laying a paintbrush into the hands of  artists. For the IT folks, Messenger EDD PLUS can enable you to automate contingency plans, requirements, housekeeping; but, also automate the day-to-day operations. 

Not only for your department, the entire organization.  Since Messenger EDD calls and accesses the tools you already use with the data you already know; automating the who, what, where, and when is as simple as stacking blocks. We invite you to contact Liaison Software Corporation and watch a demonstration. Throw out your needs, problems, questions, and what-if scenarios...

Create, Insert, and Execute SQL Stored Procedures | Crystal Reports Scheduler | ftp File Distribution | .ZIP File and Folder Compression
Liaison  Messenger EDD PLUS Workflow Example

This PLUS Option enhanced script is illustrates the power and vast capabilities available with the PLUS option.
As stated under Liaison Messenger EDD; you can easily add, modify and remove any routing method. The screen you see is that of the Liaison Messenger Server's Automation Rules and Resources screen and runs on the server.

  1. This PLUS Script is a Scheduled Action that performs a specific maintenance routine that will execute every Sunday at 1:00am. 
  2. The first line will gather all "Production  Job Tickets" which are in a PDF format in the specified Destination folder and compress them into a single .ZIP file.
  3. After all the Job Tickets zipped, the newly created ZIP file is Uploaded using FTP to the companies Remote backup server located in Houston.
  4. Once that procedure has finished, EDD PLUS will execute a user-defined Stored SQL Procedure that pre-processes and populates a custom SQL work table that identifies the Shop floors Work Center backlog.
  5. After the stored procedure has finished, an in-house designed custom Crystal Report will be run and the output pointed to Liaison Messenger EDD for distribution to its designated recipients after this PLUS script completes.
  6. Once the Crystal Report has finished, clear any user Memvars and run another stored SQL procedure which updates the home-grown MRP system's Master Schedule.
  7. One of the IT personnel wrote a small Visual Basic application to fulfill a special need that updates a legacy calendaring application and needed to execute it immediately after the Master Schedule was updated.
  8. Before ending this weeks maintenance operation, delete that source ZIP file that was created during Line 1
  9. Finally, send an Email to the IT individual who created this script notifying him/her the job has completed.