Liaison Messenger EDD - for Management Reporter 2012

Automated Management Reporter 2012 Document Distribution

Electronically deliver, fax, and email financial reports and documents from Microsoft Management Reporter.  You can also batch email invoices, statements, purchase orders and reports from your Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, or SL system. Liaison Messenger EDD can take Excel and PDF files, exported from Management Reporter, and burst, sort and deliver the outputted documents via email, fax, or distributed printing without having to grant access via emailed Links. Recipients can, instead, receive a password-protected and 128-bit encrypted PDF file.
Sound difficult or too good to be true? Nope! Liaison Messenger EDD even comes with a Setup Wizard, along with complete library of ready-to-run, automation processes and EDD Scripts using your existing standard forms, reports, or custom reports. No need to learn a new report writer, financials generator or recreate any of your modified reports either.

Liaison Messenger EDD is practically invisible to the end-user. Simply Export or Print from the Viewer like you always have. Our powerful content recognition engine will then flawlessly identify every aspect of the form or report and run the respective automation script that contains your routing instructions.

If you can print (or export) it, you can EDD it...
Key Features and Benefits
  1. Generate and Distribute secure Business Forms, Reports, and Files via Email, Fax, Multiple Printers, or electronically uploaded to designated ftp sites. 
  2. Uses your existing SQL Reporting Service Reports, Crystal Reports or any other generic Report Writer.
  3. Uses current printing processes with the only change being you print with the Messenger EDD printer.
  4. Burst, Split, and Parse single PDF files into individual files, including custom  re-naming conventions.
  5. Create Document Assembly procedures to allows automatic attachments of static files or variable attachments using wild-card naming conventions. For example, when distributing AR Statements, attach all outstanding Invoices and Email, Fax, or Print the assembled statement.
  6. Bridge document processing between different or un-linked Accounting, ERP, or External Systems and environments.
Microsoft Management Reporter 2012
Liaison Messenger EDD Workflow Example

You can easily add, modify and remove any routing method imaginable for any form or report. The screen you see is that of the Liaison Messenger Server's Automation Rules and Resources screen and runs on the server.  There are no external programs or different screens to learn at the user's workstation, the end-users only interaction will simply be printing to the Liaison Messenger EDD print driver.

The only thing that changes is no longer having to manually email, fax, distribute printed forms and reports, burst reports, stuff envelopes, operate postage meters, lug heavy US Mail tubs to the mailbox, etc...

  1. This AR Statement Script is a widely implemented process which shows-off the power and simplicity of Liaison Messenger.
  2. The end-user will print AR Statements from (i.e. Microsoft Management Reporter AX) and simply select the Liaison Messenger EDD printer.
  3. Once printed by the end-user, the output is routed to the Messenger EDD server and the content is identified as belonging to the script and perform the following scenario.
  4. Automatically burst and separate the AR Statement print stream by Recipient (customer) ID indentify the content and execute the above script.
  5. Line 1 will then Send (Email, Fax, Print) an AR Statement to the respective Salesperson of the customer using the delivery method and file format the recipient (salesperson) prefers.
  6. Line 2 ensures a copy is archived to a secure area on the network, a local drive, even transmitted to a secure Off-Site location via ftp:// (PLUS option required for ftp://).
  7. Line 3 begins a Document Assembly process by identifying and appending a copy of every outstanding Invoice that appears on the statement. Now the customer can't say they don't have the invoice...
  8. Line 4 is an additional Document Assembly procedure because the end-user wants to attach their billing department's Terms and Conditions (as a reminder) if that customer is over 180 days (delinquent).
  9. Lastly, line 5 will Email the assembled AR Statement to the customer using the contact information on file in the accounting system.