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A major reason for Liaison Software's continued success over the years is directly related to the strong relationships we have established with our value added resellers.

With a reseller channel that currently covers the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, a key component to our current and future success depends on the growth of our reseller channel.

Common Interface many applications
Liaison Messenger EDD, FORM, EFT-AP, EFT-DD works the same way across every platform and every accounting system. Become versed in one solution that can be easily incorporated across many of the products you already sell and support.

Liaison CRM and Liaison Unispan is an integrated Customer Relationship management system designed for Sage PFW or as standalone customer service tool.
Above and beyond technical Support
A software solution is only as good as their Technical Support. Extremely knowledgeable, fast turnaround on support calls results in happy customers....and happy resellers. Liaison Software Corporations has one of the best Tech Support Departments you will ever experience.

For more information on becoming a Liaison Software reseller please contact us at 800.811.4618 x201 or at